We deliver a carefully-designed mix of training sessions, workshops, webinars, one-to-one coaching and group events for each programme below. All of these are offered in-house as well as virtual. 



Talent Acquisition and Retention 

We review your recruitment and selection processes, refining your assessment tools and identifying pitfalls that cause you to lose out on quality candidates.

We help you build a comprehensive induction programme, to prevent employees from the all-too-common feeling of being thrown into the deep end all at once



Building an Inclusive and Accountable Workplace 

We help create a Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging programme specifically tailored to your organisation.

We provide training on Identifying and Minimising the effects of Unconscious Bias

We deliver workshops, programmes and 1-2-1 coaching for Underrepresented Talent in your organisation



Implementing Best Practices and Policies

Management Coaching

360 Degree Peer Review Programme


Ways of Working





“We are committed to diversity and inclusion and welcome applicants from under represented groups” – This is an increasingly popular statement on many job postings, but what does it really mean to the companies who say it? We provide a free 30 minute assessment of your hiring and induction practices using our very own Hirestance score card. 





Working with various Applicant Tracking Systems and Job Boards over the years made us realise that no algorithm is perfect and all humans have inherent unconscious biases. For that reason, Hirestance was born. We believe a person’s name, address or gender should not have an impact on the work that they can do and the value that they bring. Companies all around the world miss out on some amazing talent due to unconscious bias and ATS algorithm failures during the CV screening stage. Hirestance aims to solve that problem and put forward the best possible person for the job. Sign up to trial our platform! We’d love to have you on board!